"No one is born a great cook; one learns by doing."

-Julia Child 

“Where there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions; for opinions in good [people] is but knowledge in the making.”

– John Milton



Welcome to my ePortfolio 


Welcome to my ePortfolio a capstone project that is part of ETEC 590 of the Masters of Educational (MET) Program at the University of British Columbia (UBC).


This ePortfolio describes my educational journey within the MET program, showcased by my learning artfiacts, and my ongoing professional develoment within and beyond the MET program 


The site is centred around a cooking metaphor which is explained in more detail below.


Below are links to each section of this portfolio which traces this journey:


Choosing the Recipe: The rationale and process leading to the MET program


Cooking Essentials: The core courses of the MET program. 


Cooking with FlairThe elective courses of the MET program


Inspired Cooking: Non-MET course work 


Tasting & Enjoying: Reflections on creating this ePortfolio and on the MET program in general. Also, an opportunity to leave feedback on this eP.


Chef's Tips & Hat Tips: Links to my page of tips and resources as well as acknowledgements to the works cited in this project. 


My ePortfolio Metaphor


As Brandes and Boskic (2008) note, an eP should not simply be a collection of artifacts but rather an opportunity to connect meaningfully with those artifacts.  As they note, when we use metaphors, we are able to ”better illustrate [our] cognitive processes” (Brandes & Boskic, 2008, p.14).

As such, I am planning to use cooking as a framework for connecting the various aspects of the eP.  One of my downtime activities is cooking.

Often I will use a recipe as a basis then, once I understand the end product, I will try put my own flair on the recipe and/or process.  I make no claims to being a professional chef, but I will say that what I do is done well.  I learn from my mistakes and I am not afraid of trying new things.  As such, it is a great connection to the MET program and in being a lifelong learner.  


Within the MET program, I have often tried to do new and interesting things with established ways of doing them. I do use established principles as they are fitting but adding my own flair is important.   Moreover, having a good understanding of the essentials aids in being adaptable when faced with new challenges (i.e. new technologies).  As such, having my personal/professional learning network (PLN) available for help is critical in aiding me to gain insights as needed.  


The cooking metaphor will be broken down into five elements.  Firstly, there is choosing a recipe.  This will look at the journey before I began my MET courses.  There were other options out there, but I needed to assess the programs.  I will include a reflection on this process and the considerations I made.  Secondly, I will look at getting the essentials in place before cooking.  Here, I will investigate the foundational courses of the MET program.  Thirdly, I will look at putting my own flair into the recipes which will include the elective courses within the MET program.  This will also include artifacts and reflections on some of the processes that I have tried within my own teaching environment.  Fourthly, I will look at some inspired cooking from my coursework beyond the MET program. Fifthly, I will “taste and enjoy as a reflective exercise of the whole portfolio as well as thoughts about my current work and future plans.  Finally, I will also include a recipe book” of tips, tricks, and tools that I have come across within the MET program.


Guided Tour

Check out the video tour below which will explain how to navigate this portfolio, explain the metaphor, and give an overview of the design of this website. 

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